NUTURA® Spray vitamins:
our new name for the VitaMist sprays

Since 1996 is The Health Connection the European importer and distributor of spray vitamins in Europe and thousands of users throughout Europe have experienced the effect of the revolutionary method of intake of nutritional supplements as a spray. The name of our spray vitamins will soon change into NUTURA® spray vitamins.

Why? Because even a superior product can always be improved. New production methods, new scientific insights regarding ingredients, an improved spray mechanism for better atomization and absorption, improved natural flavourings and needs / requests from the market, has led to a number of modifications on the more than 40 different sprayvitamins.

The basics and purpose of the formulations, the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients remain almost the same. The key improvements concern mainly improved production methods and technical improvements. It could be that the frequent user will notice that the flavour of most sprays are slightly changed. Certain ingredients require special (natural) flavours to mask unpleasant tastes. With pills that are covered by coatings the ingredients are not tasted. The effectiveness of the spray vitamins is due to the fact that the active nutrients are being absorbed through the lining of the mouth. As a side effect the nutrients are also being tasted. The new and enhanced natural flavours, which differ among the products because of the various ingredients, remain having a pleasant taste like before.

There were already a number of differences between the American VitaMist sprays and the sprays that we are importing and distributing throughout the EU. The introduction of the new sprays brings such improvements that it suites a new name as well.

The name NUTURA® is derived from the words Natural and Nutrients. The new name covers not only the cutting edge products, but also the expansion of the spray vitamins in the European market required another name. In some European countries the from origin American name VitaMist (and in special the word “Mist”) has a negative linguistic connotation.

Thorough product development of more than forty different products is time-consuming not all products are fully developed to the new composition and flavour. However, the overall changes are too important for the market to postpone the introduction of the new adjusted products any longer. In order to avoid confusion between the two names we will shortly introduce the new brand name "NUTURA® spray vitamins" to market for all products on short notice.

We always strive for improvements that benefit the health of users. The NUTURA® spray vitamins are the result of this goal.

Shortly are introducing some new products as well. We will keep you informed and if you have any questions, please contact us directly by phone or email.

NUTURA® Spray vitamins, "the difference between intake and uptake".