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History of WaterStar

”The WaterStar carafe is a development for charging water with information in such a way that it can have a positive effect on our organism.”

This statement was made by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a globally recognised authority in the field of water research. His tests, which have caused a sensation, have made humanity aware of a long-forgotten characteristic of water: water can obviously absorb, store and reproduce effective information.

The effect of water upon our organism therefore depends on the information that it contains. The quality of this information is shown in the crystals that form when the water being examined is frozen. The more powerful and lively the water is, the clearer and more regular its crystals are. Dr. Masaru Emoto has not only carried out analyses, but also performed research into ways in which even severely weakened water can be charged with vital and beneficial information, e.g. by stones, resonantion of music, meditation and other positive input.

Positive features of the WaterStar carafe include, amongst others:

  • The special composition of the crystal glass, which gives it an extremely high light permeability and lends it an unmistakably clear sound.
  • The harmonious shape, which is manufactured piece-by-piece in the tradition of the great Bohemian glass-blowing families.
  • Even without any direct contact with the water, the stones and the flower of life unfold their energetic effect.
  • The 5 stones and the flower of life that are embedded in the base of the carafe. The stones used for WaterStar are of the highest quality. The positive frequency spectrum that they give off to the water is visible in the harmonious shape of crystallisation.

”My tests show a remarkable improvement of the water quality by WaterStar. This carafe is a development that should contribute to giving back to water its original power”.

The carafe also serves to make one AWARE of the importance of good water. Due to this ”BECOMING AWARE” human beings come into resonance with their environment, leading to a positive effect for them and their environment.

Dr. Masaru Emoto