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Silver foam

Korean scientists from SILVEREX® Company have developed and patented a method to blow a silver to 'sponge like' shape. This way the silver surface is expanded to 6,000 times of an ordinary area maximizing the sterilizing effectiveness.


Silver foam

Made with 99,99% pure silver (chemical = Ag), it is a fish net-shaped foam and has the efficacy of silver and the advantage of foam.

* The SILVEREX® Foam is a silver foam made with 99,99 % silver in a shape of net.
Its surface is extended up to 6.000 times. The silver foam is a world's first product to maximize the efficacy of the silver by facilitating the generation of silver nano ions.

Silver Foam is applicable to products such as purifiers, humidifiers, water containers, tap water filters, sprayers, shower nozzles, bidets, masks, gas masks, air purifiers, band-aids and others.