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10 reasons to opt for NUTURA ®

  1. High absorption, so minimal loss of valuable ingredients
  2. High bioavailability = high and very fast uptake by the body
  3. No more intake of large vitamin pills or capsules
  4. Easy to carry and take anywhere without water or extra food take
  5. Pure and pure ingredients without binders, fillers, coatings or colourings
  6. All sprays are suitable for vegetarians
  7. Bypasses the digestive tract
  8. Kosher, extra guarantee for purity
  9. Safe and economical (economical) to use with a pleasant taste
  10. Contain no gluten

And also important:

  • No more swallowing problems or to crush pills
  • Just a quick spray and you're done
  • No more loss of valuable nutrients
  • Only natural flavors
  • Allowed on the plane according the TSA rules

NUTURA ®: the difference between intake and uptake!