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It is of great importance to provide your body with sufficient amounts of anti-oxidants. Description NUTURA®  ANTI-OXIDANT We can't see it, but oxidative damage is constantly occurring in our bodies. Usually, it is caused by toxic oxygen-derived "free radicals" which, in normal state..
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Minerals, in the best absorbable form - Your body can not function without them! Description NUTURA® IONIC MINERALS- Spray is a unique mineral spray with a broad complex of ionic minerals for ultimate absorption of the most essential elements.The power of ionized and electrolytic minera..
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A powerful OPC from pine bark combined with vitamin B6. Description VITAMIST®  PINE BARK These sprays contain a powerful natural antioxidant known as OPC or proanthocyanidin. Extracted from grape seeds and pine bark, it is known to be one of the most efficient natural free radical sc..
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To keep your eyes clear, sharp and healthy. Description NUTURA®  OPTIC+ ™ Good eyesight has always been dependent on a number of things, proper nutrition being one of them. Certain vitamins and nutrients aid in the functions in and around the eyes.The scientists at NUTURA's Labs have..
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