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Directions for use of NUTURA® Spray Vitamins:

To achieve the best absorption, it is important to use the spray the right way.

When using a spray tube for the first time, pump 4> 6 times to activate the natural pump - shake gently before use.

Spray directly into the mouth, preferably against the inside of the cheeks and preferably not on or under the tongue. If there is any surplus, just swallow it.

Unless stated otherwise on the label, the recommended dose is to spray two times, 1 against the left and 1 in the right inner side of the cheek and this 4 times spread out over the day. A total of 8 sprays.

NUTURA® Spray Vitamins are most effective because they are administered throughout the day. This is to prevent the so-called 'peak & valleys' effect. Spread intake ensures a constant bio-availability and an equable distribution of highly absorbable nutrients throughout the body.

You can take the spray at any time of the day, but it is advisable to wait a little while to spray immediately after the meal, as it takes a few minutes for the oral mucosa to be clean enough for optimal absorption.

One spray tube contains ± 240 sprays. Using 8 sprays per day will provide the use for 30 days.

The information and NUTURA® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition. Always ask your doctor or professional practitioner for advice regarding questions about medical conditions or symptoms.

Download directions for use of NUTURA® Spray Vitamins in PDF format