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The Nutritional Implications of Bariatric Surgery (WLS)

Bariatric surgery is a life changing event.  The surgery drastically reduces the amount of food a person is able to ingest at any one time.  The surgery also drastically reduces the area in the stomach and intestines available for the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream.

Immediately after the surgery, only clear liquids can be ingested.  Gradually the patient transfers to opaque liquids, to pureed foods, to soft foods, and finally, to well chewed regular foods.

Gastric bypass surgery introduces a malabsorption condition to the patient's digestive tract.  The malabsorption condition is part of the reason why weight is lost more quickly than by simply dieting alone.  Malabsorption is a major factor in many types of weight loss surgery, such as Roux-en-Y and the Duodenal Switch.

Following bariatric surgery, it is virtually impossible to obtain adequate amounts of vitamins from the diet.  A life-long commitment to a regular multi-vitamin supplement is required for most patients.


Following surgery, does the patient have to take vitamin and mineral supplements for the rest of their lives?

In most cases, yes.  We recommend starting a multi-vitamin at least three weeks before surgery to help your body prepare for the surgery. This can also help your body during the recovery process.  Following weight loss surgery, vitamin and mineral supplements are essential if nutritional deficiencies are to be prevented.  Deficiencies arise due to both the reduced food intake and the malabsorption associated with the surgery.  The majority of weight loss surgery patients will require a multi-vitamin supplement for years to come.

Spray Vitamins are ideally suited to the bariatric patient.

With Spray Vitamins the patient will receive the required vitamins without the possibility of dumping symptoms and/or regurgitation.  VitaMist® Spray Vitamins are easy to use on a regular basis. Spray Vitamins are ingested as liquids and sprayed directly into the mouth where the vitamins start to absorb directly across the buccal mucosa (the lining of the mouth) and/or swallowed.

By taking vitamin supplements daily, bariatric patients can provide themselves of the daily required amounts of nutrients in an easy, quick and efficient way.

VitaMist® Spray Vitamins makes it easy. One phone call or e-mail will set up convenient home delivery of your essential supplements - each month, every month.

Ask us for the special arrangements for WLS-patients!

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